2 boys and 2 girls - born the 9th of january 2017

All puppies are ready for their new homes from the 13th of March 2017 - when they have reached 9 weeks of age.

All inquiries to reserve puppies only by phone.


At the bottom of this page we have listed what it means to get a puppy by Kennel Mr Winterbottom’s Cairn Terriers

On this page you also will se all the pictures from this litter. Oldest pictures you can see by scrolling down


Puppies 61 days old

61 days
Within 2 days we are 9 weeks old. And in the next couple ofg days it is time for us to move to our new families
Wendys 0026
Mr Winterbottom's Wendy's (purple bitch)
Arbys 0027
Mr Winterbottom's Arby's (paleblue bitch)
McDonalds 0028
Mr Winterbottom's McDonalds (red boy
Burger King 0029
Mr Winterbottom's Burger King (yellow boy)



Puppies 48 days old

48 days old
We are nearly 7 days old tomorrow. Today it was our first photo-session on the grooming table. We have also started to eat dry puppyfood. Wre are now both inside and outside the hause and is playing all over also with the adult cairns.
Wendys 0022
Mr Winterbottom's Wendy's (purple bitch)
Arbys 0023
Mr Winterbottom's Arby's (paleblue bitch)
McDonalds 0024
Mr Winterbottom's McDonalds (red boy)
Burger King 0025
Mr Winterbottom's Burger King (yellow boy



Puppies 37 days old

37 days old
Tday it has been cold but nice sunshine - so we got our very first minutes in the garden with the other Cairn Terriers.
Wendys 0019
Mr Winterbottom's Wendy's (purple bitch)
Arbys 0020
Mr Winterbottom's Arby's (paleblue bitch)
McDonalds 0021
Mr Winterbottom's McDonalds (red boy)
Burger King 0021
Mr Winterbottom's Burger King (yellow boy)




Puppies 5 weeks old

5 weeks old
Today the puppies are 5 weeks og age. We hva now much more room to play in at the puppyroom. When we are awake we are out in the hall, in the kitchen and in the livingroom. We have also met the other cairn terriers in the house an specialy Snevit and Hedevig we like to play with. We are now getting real blended puppyfood to eat.
Wendys 0018
Mr Winterbotto's Wendy's (purple bitch)
Arbys 0016
Mr Winterbottom's Arby's (lightblue bitch)
McDonalds 0017
Mr Winterbottom's McDonalds (red boy)
Burger King 0018
Mr Winterbottom's Burger King (yellow boy)



Puppies 20 days old

20 days old

We are now nearly 3 weeks old and our eyes and ears is now open. We are able to hear when somebody comes into the puppyroom. We have encrease nicely in weight and is about 850 grmmes each


Wendys 0012
Mr Winterbottom's Wendy's (purple bitch)


Arbys 0013
Mr Winterbottom's Arby's (paleblue bich)


 McDonalds 0014
Mr Winterbottom's McDonalds (red boy)


Burger King 0015
Mr Winterbottom's Burger King (yellow boy)

Puppies 12 days old

12 days old
Today puppies are 12 days old. We have still not open our eyes yet and we are stilI just eating and slee3ping all day. Today we are photografed all by ourself. We also got our names now. We are the fastfood burger-litter
Purple bitch is: Mr Winterbottom's Wendy's
Paleblue bitch is: Mr Winterbottom's Arby's
Red boy is: Mr Winterbottom's McDonalds
Yellow boy is: Mr Winterbottom's Burger King
Wendys 0008
Mr Winterbottom's  Wendy's (purple bitch)


 Arbys 0009
Mr Winterbottom's Arby´s (Paleblue bitch)
 McDonalds 0010
Mr Winterbottom's McDonalds (red boy)
Burger King 0011
Mr Winterbottom's Burger King (yellow boy) 

Puppies 6 days old

6 days old

We are 6 days of age today. We use our time at mommys milkbar and with sleeping. We are growing when we are sleeping. All 4 have increased nicelys in weight by the fat milk from our mother. Weigtes between 350 and 400 grames each
2017 kuldet 0007 
Purple bitch at the milkbar
2017 kuldet 0004
All 4 sleeping
 2017 kuldet 0005
What a mess


 2017 kuldet 0006
At the milkbar

Puppies 2 days old

2 days old 

Monday the 9th of january 2017 Viggoline got 4 puppies. The farther of the puppies is Tofthus' Røde Ib. 2 boys and 2 girls. Birthweights between 175 and 216 grames each. The to girls will turn red a.nd also 1 of the boys - the other boy will be wheaten. The 2 girls are marked with nailpolish colours purple and lightblue, The boys with red and yellow

2017 kuldet 0000 
Safe by mother Viggoline eat and sleep
 2017 kuldet 0001
A little bit of cleaning after us
 2017 kuldet 0002
How sweet
 2017 kuldet 0003
We love the food


Coming Puppies


Mr Winterbottom's Viggoline has been mated with Tofthus' Røde Ib in the beginning of november 2016. We expect the puppies to come about 9th of january 2017. The puppies will then be ready for their new homes from 13th of march 2017. You can se the pedigree of the puppies in the bottom of this page. And you can also read all about how to make a reservation for a puppy there. 


The parents :

Roede Ib

Tofthus' Røde Ib


Mr Winterbottom's Viggoline


The puppies pedigree

Tofthus' Røde Ib
Tofthus Andy
Hjohoo's Hjo Wanna Believe In Life
S 58662/2001
Tofthus' Valentine
Tofthus Emelia
Tofthus' Umberto
Tofthus' Thaleia
Mr Winterbottom's Viggoline
Cale Hill's Viggo
Carradine Toblerone
Cale Hill's Klara
Mr Winterbottom's Anky van Grunsven
Chardas Code Red
NHSB 2637165
Aurikels Little Miss Sophie



Serious enquiries are always welcome - so please call us

  • All our puppies are raised in the house. This allows for plenty of socialising and interaction between them and us and it also makes sure that they are used to everyday household noises, like hoovers, washing machines and television etc.
  • No puppies leave until they are at least 9 weeks old.
  • All puppies will have been wormed at least 2 times before leaving for their new home.
  • All puppies will be microchipped before they leave for their new homes.
  • They will also have a full veterinary health check and you get a health certificate.
  • All puppies leave with a diet and advice sheet plus enough puppy-food for the first few weeks in their new home.
  • We hope that the details given will answer all new owners questions but should any new owner have any questions or worries we are always avaiable on the phone
  • All puppies are Danish Kennel Club registered