Puppies 2 days old

2 days old 

Monday the 9th of january 2017 Viggoline got 4 puppies. The farther of the puppies is Tofthus' Røde Ib. 2 boys and 2 girls. Birthweights between 175 and 216 grames each. The to girls will turn red a.nd also 1 of the boys - the other boy will be wheaten. The 2 girls are marked with nailpolish colours purple and lightblue, The boys with red and yellow

2017 kuldet 0000 
Safe by mother Viggoline eat and sleep
 2017 kuldet 0001
A little bit of cleaning after us
 2017 kuldet 0002
How sweet
 2017 kuldet 0003
We love the food



Serious enquiries are always welcome - so please call us

  • All our puppies are raised in the house. This allows for plenty of socialising and interaction between them and us and it also makes sure that they are used to everyday household noises, like hoovers, washing machines and television etc.
  • No puppies leave until they are at least 9 weeks old.
  • All puppies will have been wormed at least 2 times before leaving for their new home.
  • All puppies will be microchipped before they leave for their new homes.
  • They will also have a full veterinary health check and you get a health certificate.
  • All puppies leave with a diet and advice sheet plus enough puppy-food for the first few weeks in their new home.
  • We hope that the details given will answer all new owners questions but should any new owner have any questions or worries we are always avaiable on the phone
  • All puppies are Danish Kennel Club registered